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She Sheds: The Backyard Oasis You Didn’t Know You Needed (but you do!)


If men have man caves, what do women have? Well, there is a new trend called she sheds, and they provide a much-needed oasis for women everywhere.

What Are She Sheds?

Simply put, she sheds are outdoor storage sheds that are transformed into mini living spaces. They provide you with a retreat away from the sounds and sights of your home and let you free your mind and your soul. She sheds are often looked at as tiny cottages, and they are the backyard addition you didn’t know you needed—until now.

Ideas for Your She Shed

The great thing about she sheds is that they can literally become anything you want them to be. An outdoor storage shelter gives you a blank canvas to let your imagination run wild. Here are just a few ways we have seen she sheds put to use:

  • A Creative Space – For artists, writers, or anyone else requiring creativity, a she shed is the perfect place to go to set your imagination free. Decorate in colors and designs that inspire you and your next project is sure to be your best one yet.
  • A Place to De-stress – Face it, your home just isn’t all that relaxing when you have kids running around and dishes to be done. In a she shed, you can escape the noise and the stress in your own private oasis. Meditate, do some yoga, read, or just sit there and do nothing. The choice is yours.
  • An Office – Is it hard for you to be productive when you are surrounded by everything else on your to-do list? Leave it all behind and head out to your she shed, where you can focus on the task at hand with no distractions.
  • A Gathering Room for Friends – Spruce up your she shed with some comfy furniture and lively décor and you just turned an outdoor storage shelter into an exclusive gathering place for you and your friends.

Types of Outdoor Storage Shelters for She Sheds

We carry several types of outdoor storage that are ideal for a she shed transformation. Our metal shelters [Link to METAL SHELTERS page] come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can personalize your she shed to perfectly fit your needs. From a quaint reading nook to a gathering room for your girlfriends, she sheds provide you with the separate, private space you have longed for.

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