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4 Common Backyard Greenhouse Problems Solved


Backyard greenhouses are in incredible way for you to nurture your green thumb year round by allowing you to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity level for your plants. However, just like with a traditional garden, a garden grown in a backyard greenhouse can suffer from several issues. Whether you are dealing with a lack of pollination or an abundance of weeds, here are the solutions to the most common backyard greenhouse problems .

Problem: Lack of Pollination

When you have a garden out in the open, your vegetables should naturally get the pollination they need to flourish. However, in a backyard greenhouse, these veggies usually require some type of mechanical pollination. If you only have a small vegetable garden, you can easily provide the pollination they need by hand. But if you are maintaining a large backyard greenhouse, you may want to implement a pollination system that includes live bumblebees.

Problem: Blown-in Weeds

While the lack of wind can mean less weeds to deal with, that does not mean they will not find their way in when you are ventilating the greenhouse or when you open the door. And unlike outdoor gardens, if you have a weed problem in your backyard greenhouse, pre-emergent herbicides are not an option. They will not dissipate effectively in the air and could cause plant-damaging toxins to build up in the soil. So if you find yourself with a weed problem, your best course of action is to pull them by hand.

Problem: Infected Soil

The moist and warm air in your backyard greenhouse provides your plants with the ideal temperature to thrive; yet, it is also the ideal temperature for bacteria and fungi to flourish. The diseases can easily be brought into your greenhouse if infected soil gets tracked in on your gardening tools or on your shoes. To help prevent this, make sure you are using proper ventilation and that you are sterilizing all tools/shoes before entering your greenhouse. It may seem unnecessary, but if your garden does get a serious infection, you will have to destroy everything and begin from scratch. Another option is to use sterilized soil mixtures.

Problem: Insects

The warm and humid conditions inside your greenhouse can be a haven for insects. They don’t have to worry about any natural predators or cold temperatures, and you have provided them with all of the food they need. Just like with herbicides, using pesticides within your backyard greenhouse is a big no-no. Instead, be proactive with proper sealing of the floor, doors, and windows. Natural pest control options, like sticky traps, can also be effective.

A backyard greenhouse can be an amazing way to grow your own produce and provide nourishment for your family. As long as you are diligent in taking proper care of your plants, you can rely on a flourishing garden all year long. To learn more about our backyard greenhouses, contact us today.

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