Cedar Shed


Whether it is a pool cabana, a garden shed, or a clubhouse, when you see a shed from Cedar Shed, it will be of high quality and built to last. Every Cedar Shed product is made out of 100% western red cedar and is crafted to be affordable, versatile, beautiful, and dependable.

Cedar Shed is proud to only use western red cedar in their sheds due to its many benefits:

  • The natural rich grains and beautiful color of western red cedar make it an ideal choice for situations where aesthetics matter.
  • Western red cedar is naturally strong and it contains oils that make it essentially immune to the elements. Over time, it will maintain its like-new appearance, instead of cracking, fading, or twisting like other woods do.
  • Due to this natural durability, it is not necessary to apply any chemicals to the wood, making it non-toxic.
  • Even after many years, western red cedar maintains its signature, beloved aroma that is sought after by many.

Since 1980, Cedar Shed has been manufacturing cedar sheds and other fine cedar products that are shipped worldwide. They are produced in Langley, British Columbia, where great care is taken to follow sustainability practices. At Cedar Shed, they know that every garden shed purchased has a special purpose, and they love helping improve their customer’s lives one shed at a time.

The shed kits from Cedar Shed contain pre-built wall panels that already have the windows installed, as well as roof panels that already have the wood shingles installed. There is no cutting required, and all of the hardware and instructions are included. This design makes Cedar Shed products effortless to put together. In fact, on average, it only takes between two to four hours to completely assemble a storage shed from Cedar Shed. Of course, personal abilities, the size of the shed, and local conditions can impact this time frame.

Due to their innate durability and beauty, Cedar Shed products have an abundance of uses. They can serve as an excellent place to store keepsake items or gardening tools, or they can be used as a pool house or a beach house. Cedar Shed kits have also been used as boathouses, clubhouses, and playhouses. Their home-like features—such as built-in functional windows, shutters, and flower boxes, also make them an excellent guesthouse or mother-in-law suite.

From small-yet-attractive tool sheds to vast farmhouse sheds complete with a covered porch and double door, Cedar Shed offers an impressive array of easy-to-assemble and built-to-last sheds for your property. No matter which one you choose you will love its beauty just as much as you will appreciate its functionality.