EZFit Sheds


Whether you are looking for a playhouse for your kids, a coop for your chickens, or a shed for your tools, EZFit Sheds has a high-quality solution that is made to last. All EZFit Sheds are simple to assemble, with the majority of the finishing touches completed in manufacturing. This means that you will receive panelized wall sections that already have the studs attached. The trim, doors, hardware, fasteners, rafters, roof sheathing, windows, and shutters are also included, when applicable. All you will need to supply is the paint, but the wood is already pre-primed and ready to go. And since every shed kit was built to go together, you will get a perfect fit every time.

What makes EZFit Sheds stand out from other wooden sheds on the market? Their attention to detail. From their chicken coops and dog kennels to their playhouses and storage sheds, you can expect to find incredible features throughout every one. The animal homes include functional elements, including egg collection boxes and chicken doors in the chicken coops, and fenced in outdoor and indoor areas and treated decking in the dog kennels.

When it comes to storage sheds, few companies add as many details as EZFit Sheds. These are just a few of the features that come standard in their shed kits:

  • Window shutters to add a home-like feel and additional dimension to the structure
  • Heavy-duty locking mechanisms that are extra durable while still being pleasant to look at
  • Hinges that bring the design of the shed up a notch
  • Double wood framing on the top of the structure to make it exceptionally strong
  • Horizontal wall studs to increase wall strength, promote straighter walls, and allow for additional space for hanging nails
  • Exterior fascia trim to protect the fascia board from the elements while adding an interesting decorative detail
  • Sixty-inch doors to ensure any item can fit inside with ease

The playhouses by EZFit Sheds are also quite extraordinary. Designed to emulate an actual home, the playhouses include small porches with railings, windows with shutters, and small doors sized perfectly for children (with an additional adult-sized door also included in most models). Some of the playhouses even come equipped with an interior loft and ladder for even more imaginative play.

EZFit Sheds is just one brand offered by Alpine Structures. Founded in 1981, Alpine Structures has dedicated their time to creating products that are well made and durable enough to bring additional value to their customers’ properties.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful playhouse for your kids, a functional home for your chickens or dogs, or a heavy-duty storage shed for yourself, EZFit Sheds is an excellent option.