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If you are in search of unique outdoor storage solutions at an affordable price, look no further than Leisure Season. From patio storage to firewood storage to refuse storage, Leisure Season focuses on crafting small-format storage solutions made with the elements in mind. Not only do they use solid wood that is resistant to decay, they also aim to make every piece they sell functional and attractive.

For example, the Leisure Season extra-large storage shed is not only aesthetically pleasing, it features adjustable shelving so you can easily arrange your tools, gardening equipment, or sporting goods. The door opening is oversized for easy access, and there is a padlock loop so you can effortlessly keep the items secure. With tongue-and-groove construction and solid wood materials, it is clear that Leisure Season products are built to last.

All of the storage solutions by Leisure Season are crafted out of solid wood from the Cypress tree family. The wood is then stained a rich medium brown and then finished with a high-quality protective coating to make it even more moisture resistant. As a result, the wood becomes very comparable to Western Red Cedar in terms of durability and decay resistance; however, it is available at a fraction of the price. The wood is also a natural pest retardant, keeping the products by Leisure Season fairly maintenance free once they are assembled. Even the hardware is specially chosen for its resistance to damage from the elements.

Their refuse storage solutions are equally durable and beautiful, and contain additional features to make them shine. This includes a curved lid to ensure snow and ice does not build up and an open bottom so there is no floor to try to roll the bins over. For simple, one-handed operation, the lid is also equipped with pneumatics, so it stays open for you, and both the doors and lid are lockable to keep critters out.

Leisure Season has been building high-quality, functional outdoor storage items for over 30 years. In addition to providing an incredible value, Leisure Season is FSC Certified, meaning they manufacture all of their products in a socially responsible way using sustainable materials. The forests they harvest from have all undergone rigorous evaluations to ensure they meet the requirements to be considered environmentally friendly.

Whether you desire an attractive way to organize your outdoor tools and sporting goods, you have firewood that needs a protective home, or you want to cover up your garbage and recycling bins while keeping out the critters, Leisure Season offers excellent solutions to meet your needs. From their durable construction to their effective protective coatings to their functional features, the outdoor storage items from Leisure Season are exactly what you have been searching for.


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