By combining heavy-duty construction with a transparent roof, Palram sheds bring a unique storage solution to your home. In addition to providing a high-quality, long-lasting, simple-to-build storage shed, Palram’s roofing materials are skylight panels that are only see-through from the inside. This allows you to use natural sunlight throughout the day as you work on projects or rearrange your belongings, while still providing the protection and privacy you desire. Each shed also contains pre-installed ventilation on the front and back panels to ensure ample airflow.

While Palram is known for their innovative storage sheds, they also put a heavy emphasis on using exceptional materials. Constructed out of polycarbonate with reinforced aluminum, Palram’s skylight sheds will not break, bend, or fade over time. Even in extreme weather conditions—including hail, snow, and high temperatures—the sheds will remain virtually maintenance free.

Palram sheds come in a variety of sizes to make them suitable for a variety of household uses. They feature doublewide entrance doors with a low threshold to make it effortless to move your supplies in and out of the shed, include anti-slip flooring, and have lock holes so you can easily add a lock to protect your belongings. What’s more, since they are constructed out of polycarbonate and aluminum, they will not rust, peel, or rot. The Palram sheds include a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, and when you finished with the shed, it is 100% recyclable.

Palram got their start by crafting thermoplastic panels for other industries over 50 years ago. In 2005, they decided to bring their innovative technologies into the DIY market, and their storage sheds were born. As a global company, Palram is constantly working to improve their products, making sure each one remains reliable and cost efficient. Their storage sheds are sturdy enough to be used in both commercial and residential applications, and they can be found across the world.

Palram’s goal is to make sure their customers are able to enjoy their sheds long after they are purchased, and this is evident in the construction and quality of their storage sheds. If you are in search of a storage shed that can serve as a workspace for projects or as an office, Palram skylight sheds are an obvious choice. With natural lighting, you won’t have to worry about getting electricity to your shed just to see, and with dual vents, airflow will be reliable. Even if you are simply looking for a way to store outside gear or excess personal items, Palram sheds are an incredible value. Ranging from small 6’ x 3’ units to larger 6’ x 12’ units, you will be surprised at the many ways you can put the Palram skylight sheds to use.