Whether you are seeking an attractive way to cover garbage cans, you desire a unique playhouse for your child, or you want a simple way to store outdoor supplies, Rowlinson has an affordable, yet durable solution.

In order to make high-quality outdoor storage products available to the masses, Rowlinson focuses on using engineered wood called Oriented Strand Board, or OSB. Instead of using pieces of solid wood, they form their own wood by layering flakes of other hard and soft woods until the desired density is achieved.

Once the OSB wood is complete, Rowlinson pressure treats it to ensure it can withstand the elements. To do this, they place the wood into a large container filled with a liquid preservative. As the pressure is increased, the preservative permeates the wood and makes it resistant to rotting and insects. This process takes ordinary wood and transforms it into wood that is more suitable for long-term use outdoors.

Rowlinson storage sheds are crafted with precision to help them withstand the wear and tear that comes with being outside. In addition to the treated OSB wood, they use tongue-and-groove construction, which interlocks the corners for improved strength. They also apply mineral felt beneath the roof to make sure the units do not leak. The Wall-Store shed also features double doors so you can easily fit oversized items, such as bikes, into the unit.

In addition to storage sheds, Rowlinson creates beautiful OSB wood playhouses that can also serve as an additional outdoor storage space when not in use. In fact, their larger playhouse, the Swiss Cottage, can also be an outdoor den to use for studying or working. Just like their storage sheds, Rowlinson playhouses feature mineral roofing felt for waterproofing and tongue-and-groove construction.

When it comes to garbage can storage, the shed by Rowlinson is an excellent option. In addition to the same sturdy construction and treated OSB wood, the unit features chains that connect the lids of your garbage cans to the roof of the unit. That way, when you open the lid of the storage shed, your garbage can lids lift up as well.

Rowlinson is a family business that has been crafting quality outdoor storage solutions since 1926. They take product safety seriously and ensure all of their products are rigorously tested according to the latest BS EN standards before they hit the market. Additionally, Rowlinson is FSC certified, meaning they meet strict requirements in sustainable operations.

From their functional storage sheds to their attractive garbage can sheds to their fun playhouses, Rowlinson’s backyard storage solutions provide you with a dependable, well-designed, and affordable way to keep your belongings organized and out of the elements.