For a secure, high-quality, easy-to-use way to protect your motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, and more, the mini retractable fabric garages from Speed-Way are the ideal option. Made out of extremely durable polyester coated with 700mm polyurethane, the waterproof shelters can protect your belongings from rain, sun, hail, wind, and insects.

Once your Speed-Way shelter is assembled—which takes less than 30 minutes and no tools are required—simply pull into your shelter like you would a garage. The retractable cover then effortlessly rolls over your bike, or almost any small vehicle you are storing underneath it. And since the shelters are made to allow ample space around your bike, you don’t even have to wait for the pipes to cool down.

Speed-Way was born when a team of experts in designing and manufacturing extreme weather outdoor gear wanted an affordable and simple-to-use way to protect their own bikes. With their abundance of features, it is clear that the Speed-Way shelters were made with the biker in mind.

Every Speed-Way shelter is 100% waterproof due to the advanced coating and fully-taped seams, which is very similar to the waterproofing technology you will find on extreme camping tents. Even the bottom of the shelter has Velcro seals, and the shelters feature tie-down attachments on the side for additional support in high winds. And in the off chance something should fall on your shelter, each one contains heavy-duty steel frames to keep your bike protected. For even more stability, additional stakes can be used.

To ensure a secure shelter, each one includes built-in locking hardware to attach your own padlock. If you want to take your shelter on the road with you, it is simple to pack up and go. Again, no tools are required and it can be fully assembled in less than 30 minutes. Every Speed-Way shelter comes with a convenient carry bag to make it even easier to travel with.

Speed-Way shelters also offer optional accessories to make your shelter even more functional. These include an LED light that attaches to the ceiling to make parking at night a breeze (one is included with each shelter and additional ones can be purchased), as well as a high-density, abrasive rubber flooring that fits flawlessly within your structure for even more support.

Even though Speed-Way shelters were crafted around the needs of motorcycle owners, their extreme durability and ease of use make them ideal for a variety of situations. From protecting your firewood to storing outdoor gear to keeping your riding lawn mower safe, Speed-Way shelters are an affordable, versatile storage solution with limitless possibilities.