Do you desire extra storage, but you hate the look of a standard shed in the middle of your property? Surreal nature storage sheds were crafted with precision to effortlessly blend in with the world around them. Modeled after real-life oak trees, Surreal sheds are the storage solution that you didn’t know existed.

First and foremost, when you see a Surreal shed, you will be taken aback by its beauty. Even upon close inspection, the shed appears to be an oak tree. From the texture to the color to the shape, size, and imperfections, it’s clear that this storage shed was designed to emulate a tree trunk. It is meticulously painted by hand and is a true work of art—even the handle blends in with the look of the bark.

But beauty is definitely more than skin deep in the Surreal nature storage sheds. They are just as functional as they are gorgeous. They are constructed out of the same high-density polyurethane that is used under road beds for additional structural support, so they are extremely durable, crack resistant, and water resistant. Additionally, the paint is UV stabilized, so even after being outdoors for years, the Surreal shed will not fade.

For even more usability, Surreal storage sheds contain well thought out features, such as built-in tool hooks, a full floor, and a locking door, so you can feel confident about leaving your belongings safely stored inside. The roof of the Surreal nature shed is strategically shaped to divert the rain around the doorway, and it contains drain holes to ensure there is no excessive precipitation buildup. 

Not only are Surreal nature sheds incredibly realistic and durable, they are quite roomy inside. They come in two sizes to make sure you have room for whatever you need to store. The small one measure 5.5 feet by 5.5 feet and is 6.9 feet tall, while the large one is 7 feet by 7 feet and is 7.25 feet in height. On top of all of this, Surreal storage sheds are proudly designed and manufactured in Texas, so you can feel good about keeping your money in the US economy.

If you desire a secure, durable space to store your excess keepsake items, tools, holiday decorations, backyard items, or absolutely anything else, Surreal nature sheds are an excellent option. They will easily protect your belongings from anything Mother Nature throws your way, and they will look gorgeously inconspicuous while doing it. With the aesthetics, function, and sturdiness combined, it’s safe to say that a Surreal shed is sure to be one of your favorite purchases for years to come.