Firewood Storage


Weather-Resistant Firewood Storage & Holders

Keep your wood dry and maximize burning efficiency with a firewood storage solution that properly protects from excess moisture and pests. Don’t just throw your logs into a messy wood pile on your garage or basement floor, or worse yet, outside on the wet ground. Shop our selection of indoor and outdoor firewood storage solutions.

Why Choose Firewood Storage Solutions

Our firewood holders are durable and built to last. Each is made using a high grade steel frame with an open-air design to help the wood stay dry. We offer long, horizontal wood racks, as well as curved and hoop racks.

Another firewood storage option is a firewood shed. Choose from our selection of firewood sheds that include sturdy, weather-resistant wood, metal, and steel frames with polyethylene fabric covers in a variety of sizes for your firewood storage needs.

For added protection, consider a firewood rack cover. Made from reinforced black PVC, all our covers are secure and waterproof, so even when stored outdoors your firewood stays dry from rain and snow. We also sell a sturdy rolling firewood cart that has all-terrain tires to easily haul your logs in any condition. 

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