Choosing The Right Outdoor BBQ Grill

Start building your perfect outdoor kitchen for hosting parties and events all season long. For the ultimate backyard barbecue, include a reliable outdoor grill from Choosing from a selection of grill types and style that best fit your needs.

Versatile Electric, Gas, Charcoal, or Smoker Grills

Determine your needs and choose from the most common grill types, including electric, gas, charcoal, and smoker grills. Check out how they compare.

Electric grills are the most convenient. It’s simple to control the heat without needing to buy gas or charcoal multiple times a year. You can find them in standing or tabletop versions.

Gas grills run on natural gas or propane. Most people use propane grills and buy propane tanks or refill them when needed. Portable gas grills are great if you need flexibility with where you grill.

Charcoal grills come in varying shapes, but no matter the shape, our charcoal grills allow you to raise or lower the charcoal bed to get the perfect sear.

Smoker grills use wood chips or pellets to cook and flavor meats and vegetables. Pellet grills continue to grow in popularity.  

Choose your ultimate outdoor BBQ grill and enjoy delicious meals in your backyard anytime.

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