Kota Grillhouse


Kota Grill House

Host the most memorable barbecues with a Kota BBQ Hut. This all wood miniature house has seating for up to15 people, allows you to cook and eat a delicious grilled meal—and you can even sleep inside it.

Why Choose a Kota Grill House?

The six-sided Kota Grill House is made entirely from FSC Certified wood and has pressure-treated wood floors. With regular roof shingles insulation, utilize and entertain even in colder climates and still stay warm. Equipped with a coal burning grill, round table, five bench seats, smoke detector, and fire extinguisher, it’s the perfect space to host a meal with a cabin-like feel.

Stock on kitchen supplies and add a Kota 99 Accessory Kit that includes plates, utensils, mugs, a bottle opener, and more that can conveniently be stored in your grill house.

Cooking and eating isn’t all you can do inside the Kota Grill House. Utilize your grillhouse as an added living space and enjoy nights by the fire or even turn it into a temporary guesthouse with its three lift-up sleeping benches. 

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