Steel vs. Aluminum vs. Pine Hammock Frames & Stands

Which Hammock Stand Should You Choose?

Utilize your hammock anywhere with durable and long lasting stands in practically any size needed. Determine your size hammock, and can accommodate with stands anywhere  from 9 to 15 ft. in length.

Choose from multiple color options for your stand to complement your hammock.. Our steel and aluminum hammock stands come in a variety of colors: bronze, black, beige, green, and charcoal.

Enjoy your hammock for multiple seasons to come with plastic caps and rubber protective caps to keep water and dirt from getting inside and damaging the hammock frame. Rubber end caps also make it safe for you to set your hammock up indoors.

Versatility with Hammock Stands

Durable hammock stands provide freedom and let you hang out wherever you choose. At, we offer three hammock frame materials: steel, aluminum, and wood.

Steel hammock frames are strong, sturdy, and sleek. Aluminum hammock stands are durable and never rust. Wood hammock frames give your yard that refined look and hold up well against weather elements.

No matter which you buy, every hammock frame is easy to assemble for endless hours of outdoor lounging.