Composters and Compost Containers

Are you looking to start composting at home but you don’t want to build your own compost container? We don’t blame you. With a pre-built compost container, you can easily turn leaves, vegetable peelings, and other kitchen and yard scraps into rich compost for your garden.

Why Use a Compost Sack, Compost Bin, or Compost Tumbler?

Composting sacks are an easy, cost-effective way to produce compost from the comfort of your backyard. Made from materials that resist rot while keeping moisture inside the sack, all you have to do is add your scraps, turn the bag from time to time, and then let them decompose into compost. Setup for this portable sack takes less than one minute, but it will last for years to come.

A standing compost bin just requires you to add your compost materials and then let nature do the rest. The most common types are plastic, wire, and wooden compost bins. All are rugged and weatherproof, but many composting enthusiasts opt for a slatted wooden bin because it encourages better air circulation, which improves the ventilation of your compost pile, and looks great in any yard.

Compost tumblers are the newest generation of composting containers. Made of FDA-approved plastic that comes fully assembled, just set your tumbler in your yard and it will do the rest. Some are dual compost tumblers, meaning they can work on two compost piles at once.

Versatile Compost Containers

From portable compost sacks to standing wire compost bins and dual compost tumblers, you’ll easily find the composter you need to richen your soil and improve your garden. You can even get a great two-for-one deal—a raised garden bed and composter hybrid from Look through our selection of garden-tested and garden-approved compost sacks, bins, and tumblers to find your perfect backyard composter today. 

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