Glass Greenhouses

Grow quality plants and produce year-round with a glass greenhouse kit. Our glass greenhouse kits provide your plants with proper protection, ventilation, and ideal temperatures for maximum quality and longevity.

Why Choose a Glass Greenhouse?

Many gardeners choose glass greenhouses because they are durable, luxurious spaces that provide ideal, year-round growing conditions. They protect plants from inclement weather while transmitting light beautifully, even during the winter. It can be freezing outside, but inside a greenhouse, you experience the best possible temperatures as the glass captures the sun’s rays and traps the welcomed heat inside.

Versatile Glass Greenhouse Kits

Glass greenhouse kits come to you ready for easy assembly, with all the needed pieces and hardware included. They typically use tempered safety glass, and their construction is supported by steel and aluminum. Some glass greenhouse kits even have computer-controlled ventilation and shading.

Browse through our wide variety of greenhouse styles and sizes to meet your gardening needs. Some of our greenhouses offer features like tinted glass to provide extra shade, airtight insulation to protect plants when the frost hits, and retractable screen doors that let you enjoy a fresh breeze while gardening.

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