Plastic Greenhouses

A plastic greenhouse is a great option for someone looking to purchase their first greenhouse. Plastic greenhouse kits are easier to install and more cost-effective than glass greenhouses. With a strong framework and durable plastic covering that contains heat and humidity for ideal planting conditions, a plastic greenhouse extends your growing season for quality plants and produce year-round.

Why Choose a Plastic Greenhouse or Plastic Greenhouse Kit?

Our plastic greenhouses and greenhouse kits are made from polycarbonate plastic—the most durable plastic used for greenhouses. These plastic greenhouses resist tearing and stand up to outside elements. The twin-wall polycarbonate acts like a double pane window, keeping cooler air in during warmer months and insulating the greenhouse from the cold air during winter. It also helps prevent sunlight overexposure for plants that are protected.  

Plastic greenhouse frames are designed with the highest-quality extruded aluminum. This strong framework prevents snowfall and high wind from damaging or collapsing your shed.

Versatile Plastic Greenhouses

With its resistance to weather, a plastic greenhouse provides the strength, safety, and insulation you need to grow your favorite plants every season and in any climate. Whether you need a large or small plastic greenhouse to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers, find the size and quality you need from our vast selection of plastic greenhouses and plastic greenhouse kits today.

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