Outdoor Planters and Pots


Freshen up your patio, front porch, deck, or garden with a stylish, weatherproof outdoor planter. With an outdoor planter, you have the flexibility and creativity you need to build a garden that fits your space and style.

Why Choose our Pots, Planters, and Vases?

Outdoor planters allow you to grow your favorite plants anywhere you want. Made of moisture-resistant wood or durable polyurethane, our planters effectively retain water  to grow healthy plants efficiently. They are perfect for any climate or season, keeping plants cooler on hot days and insulated when colder temperatures strike. Also, with an outdoor planter box, you maximize the growing space on your patio, porch, or even apartment balcony.

Plant stands can add dimension to your garden, while also providing extra flower display space. Potting tables make gardening easier for every type of gardener. They offer an organized outdoor workstation, provide extra storage, and eliminate clutter. Outdoor vases are lightweight and weatherproof decorative pieces. Use them to enhance your outdoor seating area or as a centerpiece in your home.

Versatile Pots and Planters

Because planters can be used both outdoors and indoors, enhance any space with home-grown beautiful flowers and plants. Shop our selection of outdoor planters in various sizes, materials, shapes, and colors today and easily create the container garden that’s right for you.


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