Indoor and Outdoor Planters


Are you looking to give your patio, deck, front porch, or a room inside your house an instant makeover? A decorative indoor or outdoor planter is an easy and affordable way to achieve that new and improved look you’re after.

Why Choose Indoor and Outdoor Planters?

Show off your beautiful marigolds, petunias, sweet potato vines, or parsley to neighbors and house guests by growing them in decorative outdoor and indoor planters. A planter is an effortless way to freshen up your patio or living room and personally enjoy your plant-growing skills. Decorative planters let you bring the outside indoors. They also retain the optimum amount of moisture to help you grow healthy and hearty plants, and they help keep your herbs and flowers cool on warmer days and warm on cooler days when placed outdoors.

Versatile Decorative Planters

At, we sell vertical and horizontal indoor and outdoor planters made of high-density, totally weatherproof polyurethane. Each of our planters is also designed with an authentic bark finish for a look and feel of a real wooden log. With various sizes to choose from you can easily decide whether to incorporate a small accent piece or a larger statement furnishing into your outdoor or indoor space.

Mix and match with our wide selection of indoor and outdoor planters. Place them outside, inside, or both. Add some colorful blooms, and then enjoy your space’s fresh new look.


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