Rain Barrels


Rainwater Barrels

Collecting rainwater to use during hot, dry months is easier than ever. All you need is a sturdy, all-season rainwater barrel that allows you to collect and reuse rainwater within an attractive accent piece for the exterior of your home.

Why Choose Rain Barrels?

Help your garden, wallet, and the environment at the same time with a water storage barrel. Our rain barrels range in size from 26 gallons all the way up to 300 gallons. The most popular size is 50 gallons. Regardless of what you choose, a rainwater barrel is a valuable investment for quality plant hydration that beats tap water any day and ultimately saves you money.

Most water storage barrels come with a bucket and/or hose configurations, a built-in overflow channel that keeps rainwater away from the barrel’s foundation, and screens to keep out debris, bugs, and other animals. Many water storage barrels are also designed with a flat back, saving space by fitting right up against your house or outdoor shed.

Versatile Rain Barrels

Water barrels come in various shapes, designs, and materials. You can get a circular, square, or rectangular shaped one that holds anywhere from 26 to 300 gallons of water at time. The two most common material types are UV-resistant polyethylene resin and plastic rain barrels—both of which won’t rust, mold, mildew, or rot. You can even reinvent how you collect rainwater as some have space to plant floral arrangements on top of the water barrel, making this functional lawn piece even more pleasing to look at.

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