The  Little Cottage Co. Corn Row Chicken Coop is the perfect portable chicken coop for keeping your corn rows free of weeds and keeping them well fertilized.  These are great for 1 - 4 chickens and will include wheels for easy moving! Each coop features exterior nesting bins and plenty of room inside for animals to move around. A handle and wheels on the outside of the coop makes it easy to move around for cleaning or transport. Whether your farming goal is keeping some crops well-fertilized or housing a small family of chickens, the Corn Row Coop is perfect for almost every situation. The size of this coop makes it easy for owners to place it anywhere on their property, and it offers ample room for your animals to move about comfortably.

Features of the Corn Row Chicken Coop:
Overall Dimensions: 88L x 16W x 34H inches
Capacity: 4 Chickens
Perfect for the urban farmer with 2 to 4 chickens
Durable plywood construction
Keep your corn rows free of weeds and well-fertilized
Interior nesting box enclosed area- 18" x 25"
Door size- 10" x 21"

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Corn Ccoop-WPNK
Little Cottage Co.

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