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Fabric Shelters

Fabric Storage Shelters | Outdoor Storage

sp-category-featured.jpgDiscover the many uses of our backyard sheds and custom garden sheds and make your backyard look nice again.

Do you have weather-sensitive items that need to be stored? Are you looking for a temporary shade solution? Do you have animals or produce that you need to protect from the elements? No matter what your storage or shelter needs are, we have a solution that will exceed all of your expectations.

Benefits of Fabric Storage Buildings

Our high-quality fabric shelters and portable fabric buildings are not only simple to install, they are made to last. They can give you the shade you desire, exactly where you need it, in the specific dimensions you require. Our fabric shelter systems are made to last throughout even the harshest weather conditions, so once they are installed, you can relax knowing that whatever you have underneath will be protected. From our fabric garage kits to our fabric greenhouses, we have a fabric storage shed for you.

Quality Fabric Shelters You Can Depend On

From our fabric carports to our expansive fabric shelter systems, we take quality seriously. With advanced fabrics and revolutionary frames and joints, you can rely on our fabric storage buildings for all of your outdoor storage needs. Some of the features you will find on our various fabric storage shelters include:

  • Additional patented ShelterLock® Steel Stabilizers that lock into place to ensure your fabric storage shelter stays standing.
  • Easy-to-use ratchets that tighten the cover of the fabric shelter with precision, so you can always have the smooth, neat look you desire.
  • Advanced triple-layer waterproof fabric that is extremely tough and essentially ripstop tough thanks to its heat-sealed seams. Our fabric shelters are UV treated throughout to prevent fading and also contain anti-fungal and anti-yellowing agents.

Uses for Fabric Storage Shelters

The uses for our fabric shelter systems are vast, and include everything from providing basic shade to storing priceless items. Some of the most common uses for our fabric carports include keeping livestock cool, protecting produce from the harsh sun, and serving as a run-in for horses. Our portable fabric buildings are extremely popular as party tents, greenhouses and garages, and our fabric garage kits are great for storing firewood, vehicles, or boats.

When you need outdoor storage that will look good while withstanding all of the harsh elements, our fabric shelters are exactly what you need. With an abundance of different sizes and styles in stock, we have something for every situation. And with our advanced features and commitment to quality, you can relax knowing whatever is underneath your fabric shelter system will be protected.

At, we are your go-to destination for outdoor storage. See what we have in STORAGE for you.


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