Carport kits offer an affordable alternative to building a garage. They provide similar weather protection without the expensive cost of an attached garage.  

Why Choose a Carport or Patio Cover?

A carport is a useful piece of outdoor equipment, and can fulfill a variety of functions. Whether you choose metal, plastic, or tarp as your preferred material, our carport kits provide the durability and weather resistance you need for effective vehicle storage.

Metal and plastic car canopies are among the most popular versions we sell on our website, as they’re extremely resistant to tough weather. For a more temporary solution, our fabric carports can be just what you need. Made with all-steel frames and tough waterproof covers, these solutions are practical, easy to assemble solutions that’ll offer reliable protection for your items.

Carport Kit Uses

Our kits are used for a variety of needs, including vehicle, ATV, lawn mower, bicycle, and gardening equipment storage. Our kits make great outdoor workspaces and workshops for activities ranging from painting to woodworking. All are made to withstand tough weather, so you can store your items with peace of mind.

Fabric - or tarp - sheds are lightweight, mobile and easy to set up and take down. This makes them popular for use as patio covers or portable shade. They’re also great temporary storage solutions for vehicles and can be used in the winter for firewood storage.

As with all products, these kits come ready-to-assemble with all the parts included. We offer a variety of sizes and styles so you will be sure to find one that best matches your needs.


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