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Next to your home, your car is one of the most important investments you make. By installing a carport, you can insure that your car is protected from most all weather conditions. Carports and car canopies also allow a shaded place for you to park off the street and away from passing vehicles that can also present a hazard.

Here at, we have a great selection of carport kits to keep your car safe from the elements, whether natural or man made.

Available Carport Kits and Patio Covers

Your particular living circumstances and needs will determine the best option for you. The carport kit types we have available include: 

Multi Use For Your Carport Kit

Cars aren’t the only thing our carport kits protect. Many of our options can also be used for trailers and watercraft. You can even purchase one to double as a patio cover kit. Metal kits can be used as an awning off the back of your house or trailer home to protect your entrance or patio area with a product designed to endure the test of time.

While our metal structures are meant to be a one-time assembly, our tarp kits are designed to easily move with you. Use your tarp kit to protect your truck at home, then pack it up and take it with you when the time comes to move.  



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