Plastic Carports and Car Covers

Plastic carports and car covers are versatile outdoor shade structures made from some of the highest quality materials. Stylish and lightweight, plastic and polycarbonate carports are ideal for customers looking for reliability, style and function.

Why Choose a Plastic Carport?

Plastic carports are some of the highest quality in the market today. Most of these are made from durable polycarbonate materials, a sturdy and tough plastic able to resist bad weather, denting and damage. Plastic carports are lightweight, making these carport kits relatively easy to assemble. They also require far less maintenance than other types of carports. Additionally, where UV rays can damage wood and metal structures, a plastic carport is less susceptible to UV damage and fading due to the materials used to coat the polycarbonate surface. If you’re looking for reliable moisture resistance and UV protection without sacrificing aesthetic and style, look no further.

Versatile and Multi-Use Car Covers

Whether you’re looking for a stylish patio and deck cover that offers reliable moisture and UV protection, or you want to protect your vehicle from the elements. A plastic or polycarbonate carport or car cover may be exactly what you’re looking for. These structures are versatile in that you can use them in a variety of different ways. Whether you use your plastic carport as a car cover for your vehicle, or you opt to use it in your backyard or patio as reliable shade and protection from moisture, you won’t be disappointed.

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