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Tarp Carports

Are you moving to a temporary residence that doesn’t have a garage? Are you looking for an all-weather, permanent solution to put next to your home where you can store and protect your vehicles, ATV’s, boats, and lawn mower?

If so, a tarp carport is just what you’re looking for. Our tarp carport kit can be used as either a permanent or temporary structure for whatever your outdoor storage solution needs may be.

Tarp Carport Kit

The all of our tarp carport kits at contains the following:

  • A durable steel frame that is resistant to effects of the sun and rain, such as peeling, chipping, tarnishing, and corrosion.
  • A triple layer polyethylene cover that's waterproof.
  • Sturdy wind braces for additional frame strength.
  • Through bolt connections at each rib connection point, which improves stability.
  • An easy-slide cross rail system that locks down the tarp cover.

Other Creative Use 

It’s not just vehicle storage that tarp can be used for, though. In fact, we’ve had customers use them to build party tents or as a way to provide shade at trade shows and flea market booths. These structures have even been decorated and used as shade in outdoor weddings.



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