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Cottages & Cabins


Sometimes an outdoor structure isn’t solely focused on storing outdoor essentials. Beautiful outdoor decor and furnishings to add character and originality to your backyard is something one of our charming cottages and cabins will do. Enjoy the outdoors without having to be cramped inside a small space, or build the perfect playhouse for your children or grandchildren. Cabin and Cottage Kits

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful wooden mini cabin? Our cottage and cabin homes come as kits that are easy to assemble and set up. A kit home is the perfect solution to provide a space of separation during backyard parties or a place for the wild kids to safely play. Log home kits are the archetype of American living, and customers love ours.

Our cottages come in wood and are made to order. The rooftop shingles and wide windows create an eye-catching look everyone wants.

Getting Creative with Your Cabin or Cottage

You can create a kitchen set inside, build shelving, or creatively construct another way to personalize this space. Enjoy our cabin kits as a hideout or a place to house food from bugs during your outdoor parties.

Many have big porches and big windows for a lovely Southern farmhouse flair. Add decorative shutters and wooden planter boxes to bring charm and color to your cabin. Plant any flowers you like to specialize your outdoor home.



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