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Deck Boxes


A deck box is a multi-use functional piece of outdoor furniture that anyone with a deck or patio needs.

While decks are great for hosting parties and adding value to your yard and home, they do eliminate potential outdoor storage space. Deck boxes restore that by providing functional storage. Our deck boxes are designed to provide additional seating or table space while still giving you the extra storage space you need.

A Durable Outdoor Storage Box

Any outdoor storage box needs to stand up to the unpredictability of the seasons. When you buy an outdoor storage box from you’re getting a product built to withstand many years of rigorous outdoor use and exposure.


We offer these outdoor storage solutions in multiple sizes to help meet the needs of any sized deck or patio. From larger wooden deck boxes used to store furniture to smaller ones use for storing grilling utensils, there’s a size that fits your needs. The best part is that all of our storage items are easy to install.

Your deck is an important part of your yard and your home. Don’t let it become cluttered with items that could easily be stored in the right deck box. Shop our selection today to see which of our products can help.



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