Plastic Deck Box - Your New Favorite Outdoor Storage Solution

Your deck is a hub of entertainment and activity, especially in the warmer summer months. Unfortunately, whether you have seasonal furniture or items that can’t be stored in your yard, decks do take up a notable amount of space.

A plastic deck box mitigates that issue by working as a functional piece of outdoor furniture that also stores extra table cloths, utensils, or other must-have deck amenities.

Why Choose a Plastic or Resin Deck Box

A good resin deck box provides more durability than a standard plastic version. If you live in an area with extremes in weather or you have younger children who love to run and climb on all the deck furnishings, then a resin deck box may be your better option.

Both a plastic or resin box will stand up to the weather, as they’re engineered to last for many years.

Plastic deck boxes aren’t just strong, but they’re versatile. Often plastic deck boxes can double as benches, chairs, or even tables.

To aid in space saving, these deck boxes are created in various sizes. From smaller options to the most popular 50”x22” model, we’re confident our catalog has a box that’ll fit your needs. Shop our selection of deck boxes today. 

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