Looking for a more long-term storage solution? Our selection of durable metal garages may be just the sturdy and strong storage solution you’re looking for.

Why Choose Metal Garages?

Do you need something that’s heavy-duty to house your outdoor equipment, car or truck? Look no further than our selection of metal garages. Equipped to provide sturdiness, function and convenience, our metal garages might be the perfect solution.

Built strong, our selection of metal garages are made tough from high quality steel that has been treated to resist corrosion and rust - meaning they will likely withstand the stress of the elements (rain, snow, sleet, etc.) better than many plastic or fabric structures. This means that metal garages are generally more reliable as long-term storage solutions because they have been manufactured to withstand the elements better over time than many plastic, resin or fabric garages.

Difference of a Metal Garage

Many of the metal garages and metal garage kits we stock come with a side lockable door for security and easy access, and for more convenient storage.  

Regardless of what you need to store, we probably have the storage solution for you. Our selection of garages and garage kits come in a variety of sizes. Garage heights range from 9-10 ft., with 6-8 ft. door heights, and many provide double doors that swing out, or slide up for easy access in case you need to store bulkier, larger items like vehicles.

At we source products directly from our manufacturers in order to provide our customers with the best prices on metal garages online. For more information about our selection of metal garage units, contact our customer support.


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