Plastic Garages

Are you looking for a portable and affordable garage to keep your car or outdoor equipment safe and dry? A strong, long-lasting plastic garage might be the perfect storage solution for you. Protect your lawn mower, outdoor tools, and weed wacker and much more with a durable plastic garage!

Why Choose Plastic Garages

Plastic garages are sturdy, deter denting and damage, and are flame retardant - making them a great outdoor storage solution. Keep your vehicle not only dry, but also safe from a fire. Need a reliable space to store your vehicle? Avoid having to get into a hot car in the heat of the summer, or having to scrape a sheet of ice off your windshield and windows in the winter.

Our plastic garages are reinforced with metal inserted columns to provide rigidity and strength to each storage structure. The roof is strong enough to withstand 20 pounds per square inch of snow. Many come with double doors tall enough and wide enough to drive a common tractor through to get into the building.

We offer a variety of plastic garages in different sizes. Choose from plastic garages as small as 10 x 15 ft. to as large as  


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