Need a place to store your items that will keep them safe and secure? Vinyl garages are flame retardant, durable, and built strong. See our selection of vinyl plastic garages.

Why Purchase a Vinyl Garage?

One of the more popular garage solutions we offer are our selection of vinyl garages. These buildings are built strong and made to withstand tough weather, protecting your items from the elements.

Vinyl is a versatile, durable material that comes in a variety of sizes to meet your storage needs. Many of our garages offer double-door access big enough for a trailer to drive through, so you never have to worry about space again. Many customers choose vinyl garages and vinyl garage kits due to their protective properties and resilience against corrosion and rust. Vinyl is also flame retardant, so you can be sure that your stored items will be safe in an unforeseen event. Unlike other garages, vinyl resists fading from UV exposure.

Many vinyl garages feature reinforced metal inserted columns to ensure their overall stability in even tough conditions. Many feature  roof supports that ensure the structure  will hold more than 20 pounds of square feet of snow. The built-in ventilation on many  models we sell help to maintain an ideal climate inside the shed, reducing condensation and thus protecting your stored items..

With their set-up and low maintenance, the vinyl garages on our site offer flexibility and versatility for our customers. Each garage comes with a free foundation kit to provide the support you need. All of our garages feature double doors to provide easy entry and exit.Get a great price on one of our vinyl storage units, rather than spending thousands of dollars adding a garage to your property

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