Engineered to protect from the elements, fabric and tarp garages provide outstanding protection for the greatest value. These lightweight, easy to install storage solution are ideal for vehicle storage and protection, and are practical and portable structures for convenient storage.

Why Use a Tarp Garage?

For the most protection at the best value, it’s hard to beat a tarp or fabric garage. Our fabric and tarp car sheds and garages provide protection against most weather conditions and offer a convenient and practical solution to your storage needs. Made with all-steel tube or steel pipe framing, and a heavy-duty plastic or polyethylene fabric cover, fabric garages assemble easily and typically go up quickly so you can start using your tarp garage almost immediately.

If you're not interested in investing thousands of dollars and adding a permanent garage to your property , fabric garages are an excellent option. As a  more cost-effective and portable solution for storage, you can use your fabric garage to store anything from your vehicle, to tools, motorcycles, ATV’s and much more.   

Multiple Uses for Your Fabric Garage

One of the most common uses for fabric and tarp garages happens to be vehicle storage. For those who require a second garage, or a temporary garage, a fabric or tarp garage might be just the thing to afford them easy and convenient protection for their car, truck or all-terrain vehicle. However, fabric garages aren’t only used for vehicle storage. These functional buildings are excellent for job and construction sites, providing workers with a portable and easy to assemble shade and storage solution. Fabric garages can even be used as additional workspaces.

So whether you’re on the move and need some quick and easy storage for your tools, or you’re looking for a garage that can take on tough weather and last the winter season for your car or truck, fabric garages could be perfect for you. We also offer metal garages and vinyl garages if you find these better suit your needs.

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