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Are you looking for an affordable yet durable car-protection solution? A fabric garage might be just the answer you’re looking for. Our fabric and tarp car sheds provide the utmost security for your car at the biggest value. Instead of investing thousands of dollars adding a permanent garage to your house, why not get a more cost-effective, tarp garage instead?

Get Creative with Your Fabric Garage

Our garage sheds offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle needs. With sturdy rods, the sheds provide a stronghold for your car, truck, or SUV at a great value. It’s the perfect compact storage solution for a car, trailer, jet ski, or whatever vehicle you use.

The triple-layer fabric is engineered to protect from rips and water, whether it be rain, morning dew, or snow. The fabric garage uses a heavy duty canvas that is UV treated to prevent any fading, which also protects you from the harmful sun rays getting in and out of the building. The easy rail system locks down the cover and provides an easy and seamless setup for you.

Whether you live in a cold place and hate scraping the ice off your car every winter morning, or you live in a place where the sun and humidity burn up your leather seats, our tarp garage kit will protect your vehicle from all the outdoor elements.

We also offer metal garages and vinyl garages if you find these better suit your needs.


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