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Refuse Storage


Whether sitting in your garage or at the side of your house, trash and recycle bins can be an eyesore and stink to the high heavens. This is where refuse storage sheds come in and save the day.

What is Refuse Storage?

Simply put, refuse storage sheds were created to provide a needed place for your trash, recyclables, and yard waste to await pick-up day. These sheds are designed to hide your trash cans, keeping your driveway and garage well-kept.

Refuse Storage Sheds

The refuse storage sheds found at are all made of solid wood, are designed for year-round use outdoors and are UV, weather, and decay resistant. We offer different sizes to accommodate different sizes of trash and recycling bins, and some of our refuse storage shed options have lockable doors and lids to keep neighborhood cats, dogs, and other animals out of your trash.

We have a patio receptacle that takes waste and recyclables out of site while complementing your patio, deck, or porch perfectly. We also carry large refuse sheds to accommodate multiple reciprocals at a time. We even offer a 4x4 ft. cedar shed that will fit most city issued cans, contains a shelf for additional tool storage, and is the perfect size to fit almost anywhere inside your garage or outside your house.



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