Resin Sheds

Resin storage sheds are built from 100% recyclable materials, making them an eco-friendly storage solution. They’re effectively weather resistant and often feature a strong steel frame for added reinforcement.

Why Choose a Resin Shed?

Our selection of resin storage sheds typically feature plastic (resin) panels, and steel or aluminum frame that supports the structure for reliable and durable storage. Resin sheds stand up well to weather, including strong wind and rain, hail, and high temperatures and direct UV exposure. If you’re stuck between purchasing a metal shed and a plastic shed, a resin storage shed is a good compromise.

Many resin storage sheds feature innovative locking systems that make it easy to store and lock your valuables away, making them a great solution for those who need to store more expensive items.  

Often featuring super wide doors and low thresholds, our resin sheds make it easy to get larger, bulkier items in and out. Store your ATVs, zero turn riding mowers, mountain bikes, garden supplies,holiday decorations and much more in a safe, secure, and dry place.  

Uses for a Resin Storage Shed

Resin sheds are often used for ATV, riding mower, mountain bike, and gardening supply storage, in addition to outdoor holiday decorations. Anything that needs secure, dry storage is a perfect fit in a resin shed.