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Vinyl Sheds

For a budget-friendly, high-quality storage solution, our vinyl sheds are ideal. They come in a variety of sizes and are filled with function. Use them to keep your outdoor equipment safe or create the workspace of your dreams: the choice is yours.

Uses for Vinyl Sheds

Due to their extra wide entries, reinforced wall columns, and optional foundation kits, vinyl storage sheds are much more versatile that they seem. Use them to store all of the excess holiday decorations and keepsakes you have accumulated over the years, or have them available as a convenient space to put away your bicycles and other sporting goods at the end of a summer day. And since our vinyl sheds feature reinforced metal walls, you can even install shelving units or hang nails for organizing your tools and gardening equipment.

Benefits of Vinyl Storage Sheds

Not all vinyl sheds are the same, but you can be assured that all of the ones we feature were made with the elements in mind. The vinyl is specially treated to withstand even the harshest elements, and they have been wind tested to withstand up to 115 mph winds (as long as it is anchored properly) and snow tested for up to 20lbs of snow per square foot on the roof. Additionally, the vinyl sheds will never require painting and they will not dent, rust, or rot. Many of our vinyl sheds also include a skylight to give you some natural light to work in.

To make going in and out of the vinyl sheds a breeze, most models feature double doors and are sized so you can just walk right in to grab the items you need. Finally, unlike other plastic and wood sheds, vinyl is fire retardant. The vinyl sheds are extremely simple to put together, and maintenance is virtually nonexistent.

Types of Vinyl Sheds

Our vinyl sheds are available in many different sizes; however, they are fairly consistent in appearance. You can find smaller 4’ x 6’ vinyl sheds to store excess sporting equipment or holiday decorations, as well as oversized 10’ x 30’ ones to keep small vehicles and large equipment protected. Some feature skylights while others work perfectly as a building extension. Whatever type of vinyl shed you choose, you can count on it lasting for 20 years and beyond.


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