Portable, easy to assemble, and great for both short term and long term storage - our selection of tarp sheds are some of our most versatile structures. Discover why a tarp or fabric shed might be right for your storage needs.

Why Choose a Fabric Shed?

Looking for temporary storage? What about something that will stay up through the tough winter season? Fabric and tarp sheds are durable and built tough to last you more than one season, but flexible and functional enough to be assembled quickly and installed in your yard in a matter of hours.

Made with tough all-steel frames and long-lasting covers, tarp sheds are a convenient, portable and practical outdoor storage solution for virtually anyone. Made with a durable waterproof cover and sturdy steel pipe frames, these buildings are made strong and built to last you more than one season. Need to store extra garden tools? Want to cover your ATV or lawn mower and keep expensive items safe from the elements? Tarp sheds are strong enough to do the job.

Tarp sheds are great options for those looking for temporary storage. Made from a durable fabric, tarp sheds have a wide range of functionality and flexibility. T Fabric buildings are light and extremely mobile, yet durable enough that you can feel confident in their capacity to provide reliable storage season after season.

Fabric sheds are also relatively portable and can be  transported from one location to another. Take it down and set it up anywhere in your yard, as often as you need. Mobile storage has never been easier.

Versatile Use Cases for Fabric Buildings

Fabric sheds can be used as storage units for garden tools and small equipment, with their smallest available size starting at 5 x 5 ft. Choose from a variety of sizes. Need larger storage? Check out our selection of fabric and tarp garages - available in a variety of different sizes, styles and levels of durability. Whether you’re looking for a fabric shed or garage as a temporary solution, or you need a long term storage solution to last you throughout the many seasons, fabric sheds and fabric garages could be a great option.


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