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Tarp Shed

The availability, affordability, and durability of a fabric shed is the perfect option for those who don’t need a permanent solution to their storage needs. A tarp, also referred to as a fabric shed, is simple to put up, yet it’s made of durable materials that are made to last. It’s excellent for storing tools or sporting goods, while the oversized fabric sheds can serve as a portable garage or a horse run-in for livestock.  

Benefits of Using a Tarp Shed

Smaller fabric structures can house tools, outdoor appliances, or even work as a bicycle safety cover. Since the fabric sheds are the some of the most versatile storage solution we offer, they are also an excellent option for special events or backyard barbecues.

The tarp shed is easy to set up. We have straight-forward instructions and setup. The ribs are completely assembled, so all you have to do is unfold and lock into place - no tools necessary. We also offer frame stabilizers at the joints to ensure the safety and stability of your shed.

The fabric we use is long-lasting and UV treated, so no reflective sunburns for the sensitive skin here. The fabric is also triple layered and crafted out of high-quality materials, meaning it’s rip-proof.

Tarp Shed Types

The fabric shelter will provide and exceed your expectations. We offer round style sheds or peak roof style sheds in a variety of sizes to protect any items you need kept safe, from garden tools to flowers to tractors and boats. Even your horses can find shelter in one of our tarp sheds.


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