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A cedar shed is an incredible way to beautify your yard while adding tremendous storage or work space to your property. Every cedar shed we carry is constructed out of high-quality materials and specially treated to withstand the elements no matter what type of climate you live in.

Uses for Cedar Sheds

Because cedar is naturally resistant to water or sun damage, it is an ideal material for outdoor storage. And since they are so gorgeous to look at, cedar storage sheds also have an abundance of uses. The smaller cedar sheds are excellent for storing tools, gardening supplies, or your children’s outdoor toys, while the larger sheds can easily serve as an onsite office space, a pool house, or a playhouse. Some of our cedar sheds even features built-in windows, flower boxes, and shutters, letting you convert them into a guesthouse with ease.

Benefits of Cedar Storage Sheds

Even though our cedar storage sheds may look ornate, the majority of the installation is completed before the cedar shed kit arrives at your door. The sheds use a panelized system, meaning you will receive pre-built cedar panels that already have any windows or shutters attached. The roof panels arrive shingled as well. With all of the hardware included, and no cutting required, you can get your cedar shed up and ready to go in minimal time.

Another huge benefit is that the door can be installed on any side, so you can place it in your yard where it is most convenient for you. Finally, cedar wood is one of the most naturally weather-resistant woods out there, fighting back against cracking and fading from the elements.

Types of Cedar Sheds

While all cedar sheds feature a beautiful appearance and spacious interior, there are many specific types of cedar sheds. These include cedar sheds with shelving to store your tools or gardening supplies. We also have cedar sheds that were built to be a deluxe playhouse for your children or serve as an office that is at home, yet still provides peace and quiet. Whatever type of cedar shed you select, you will love looking out your window to see its signature wooden hues and sleek style.


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