Chicken Coops

Whether you want fresh eggs every day, you are looking for some natural weed control, or you desire free fertilizer, raising chickens can be very beneficial for farmers and homeowners alike. With our chicken coops, you can keep your chickens protected while having easy access to the parts of the coop you need without letting the chickens free.

Uses for Chicken Coops

As a homeowner, even a small chicken coop can provide you with enormous benefits. You can collect fresh eggs from your own backyard—at an average of one egg per day per chicken—and since you raised the chickens you will know that the quality is second to none. If you also have a garden, a chicken coop will allow you to raise chickens in a healthy environment while also using the chickens to eat your weeds and garden pests. And don’t forget to take advantage of the free fertilizer they produce.

Benefits of Chicken Coops

Not all chicken coops are created equal. With thoughtful features and high-quality materials, our chicken coops will help make raising your own chickens a breeze. All of our chicken coops come in an easy-to-assemble kit and are crafted out of materials that were made to withstand the elements. Each chicken coop is slightly different in its offerings, but some of the benefits you can look forward to include: an easy-to-access interior egg collection box, a fenced-in outdoor area, a simple-to-remove aluminum cleaning tray, and a hook to secure the lid. Our large chicken coops also include separate entrances for the chickens and for you, multiple nesting areas, and a chicken ramp.

Types of Chicken Coops

We have several different types of chicken coops available depending on your needs. Choose a small coop with an outdoor running area that will house a few chickens comfortably, or opt for larger styles designed to fit up to 30 chickens. Find both stationary and wheeled coops for easily portable or semi-permanent structure options. Whatever you choose, your chickens will love their new home—and you will love the ample rewards that come with being a chicken owner.

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