Outdoor Bird Bath & Fountain Covers


Both bird baths and fountains add beauty to any outdoor space, while also providing a spot for birds to grab a refreshing drink and take a cool dip. Most fountains and bird baths are weather-resistant, but you can help extend one’s lifespan by preserving it year-round with a top-rated, weatherproof bird bath or fountain cover from Sheds.com.

Why Choose an Outdoor Cover?

The easiest and best way to winterize a bird bath or fountain is with a heavy duty, durable outdoor cover. These covers protect bird baths and fountains during the offseason, as well as when unexpected temperatures or harsh weather hit during the spring and summer months. Even on a nice but windy day, an outdoor cover will keep these outdoor lawn and patio accessories clear of dirt and debris.

Versatile Outdoor Fountain Cover

The round shape of bird bath covers and the cone shape of fountain covers perfectly fit, seal, and protect bird baths and fountains of virtually any size. These shapes also help repel water, prevent pooling, and protect your fountain from the sun. Our fountain and bird bath covers are made out of PVC-backed and UV-stabilized polyester that can withstand rain, snow, ice, and harmful UV rays for long-lasting durability. They’re also fade-resistant, and they won’t mold or mildew from steady precipitation.

Find an outdoor cover in the size and style you need from Sheds.com’s wide selection of high-quality bird bath and fountain covers today.


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