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sp-category-featured.jpgDiscover the many uses of our backyard sheds and custom garden sheds and make your backyard look nice again.

Do you have a passion for fixing up old cars? Maybe your current car needs some repair work, or you simply need somewhere you protect your vehicle from the elements, our portable garages are the answer you have been searching for.

Uses for Portable Garages

Due to the versatility of our garages, you can use them as a carport, as a shed, or as a portable car garage. Our portable garages come in a variety of sizes to accommodate even the largest vehicles. They allow you to store your car out of the elements all year round, meaning less ice scraping in the winter and less time to cool your car down in the summer. And if your vehicle should require repairs—or you love to repair cars as a pastime—then you will greatly appreciate being able to work out of the rain, wind, sun, and snow.

Benefits of a Portable Car Garage

Whether you are using a carport as a car shelter or a full portable car garage as a protective workspace, our garages have many benefits:

  • Easy to Install – With simple-to-follow instructions and innovative features that make set up a breeze, you won’t believe how easy it is to get your portable garage standing.
  • Made to Last – Our portable garages are crafted from top-quality materials that were designed with the elements in mind.
  • Effortless to Move – Unlike permanent structures, our portable car garages were made with portability in mind. Our portable garages are quick and easy to move, whether you are moving to a new home or you simply need the benefits of the car shelter somewhere else.

Types of Car Shelters

We carry a large assortment of portable garages and car shelters to meet your needs. For example, if you are looking for a simple carport to protect your vehicle from the elements or you have an oversized vehicle that needs complete protection from the wind and snow, we have a solution for you. No matter which garage you choose, you will be able to take advantage of its supreme durability and high-end materials.

  • The steel frames are powder coated and include patented ShelterLock® Steel Stabilizers for increased strength.
  • The fabric covers are simple to install and can be easily tightened with the advanced ratchet system.
  • The innovative fabrics are tough and durable and specially treated to withstand the elements.

When you add one of our portable garages to your property, you will be able to keep your car protected all year round—and make your life a whole lot easier in the process.

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