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Boat Storage Shelter | Temporary Boat Shelters

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Your boat is your baby and when it’s not in use, it needs to stay in pristine condition. Thanks to our boat storage tents, it’s now easier than ever to protect your boat from the elements.

Uses for Temporary Boat Shelters

Since our boat storage shelters are effortless to install and extremely tough, you can use them a variety of places. Use one in your backyard as a boat storage shelter throughout the winter, or bring one to the lake to serve as a temporary boat shelter for the months it is in use. Even if you already store your boat offsite, our boat storage tents can offer extra protection for your prized possession.

Benefits of a Boat Storage Shelter

While there are many options for temporary boat shelters, it’s easy to see why the ones at are the easy choice:

  • Simple to Set Up – When you need a boat storage shelter, you want something that can be installed with ease. Our boat storage tents are incredibly easy to set up and are loaded with features to make the entire process a breeze.
  • Durable – Not only are our temporary boat shelters effortless to use, they are extremely tough. They were designed with even the harshest weather conditions in mind, and you can relax knowing they will stay standing no matter what Mother Nature has in store.
  • Easy to Move – Unlike permanent boat storage solutions, our boat storage tents are simple to move from one location to the other. Whether you are moving to a new home or just changing up the layout of your backyard, our temporary boat shelters are effortless to take down and put back up.

Types of Boat Storage Shelters

The majority of our boat storage tents have large peaked tops to keep your boat covered. They come in varying lengths to ensure that your entire boat is enclosed. We also have several boat storage shelters that are more like garages, with three walls and a zippered door to further protect your boat. Our boat storage tents feature:

  • Advanced triple-layer fabrics that feature heat-sealed seams to prevent tearing and UV protection to prevent fading.
  • Innovative installation features, such as a sophisticated ratchet system, to make tightening the temporary boat shelter a breeze.

With our high-quality, made-to-last boat storage shelters, you can have the peace of mind that your boat will be protected from the elements year round, and it will be in pristine condition when the summer finally returns.

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