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Portable Shelters for Horses | Equine Run-in Shed

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You know that sending your horses out to pasture so they can run freely is extremely beneficial to their health and happiness; yet pastures can become a harsh environment very quickly. From scorching hot sun to strong winds to rain and even insects, your horses have a lot to deal with out there. With our run-in sheds for horses, you can give your horses the shelter they need to protect themselves from these elements whenever it is needed.

Uses for Portable Shelters for Horses

The main purpose of our horse shade shelters is to provide your horses with a quick retreat from the elements. On a hot day, they can relax in the shade, and when it’s raining, they can stay dry. Portable shelters for horses can also be a convenient escape when a horse is battling flies (who tend to stay away from the shade) or even a dominant pasture mate. And since our run-in sheds for horses are open on both sides, your livestock can easily come and go as they please.

Benefits of Equine Run-in Sheds

While there are a lot of options when it comes to equine shelters, such as wood or tin, we are sure you will agree that the benefits of our run-in sheds for horses make them the right choice.

  • Clean – Our horse sheds are sleek and ventilated, which means there are less places for dust and mold to accumulate versus other material types. This means cleaner air for your horses to breathe.
  • Affordable – Not only are the upfront costs of our portable shelters for horses much lower than other types of sheds, they require very little maintenance.
  • Versatile – Our equine run-in sheds come in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your needs, and they can be easily moved if necessary.

Types of Horse Sheds

All of our equine shelters are crafted from high-quality, extremely tough fabrics that are ripstop tough and able to withstand winter weather conditions. They are available with peak tops; however, our most popular portable shelters for horses are rounded and come in several different sizes for your horses.

The health and safety of your horses is always a top priority, and with our equine run-in sheds you can help protect your horses all year long.

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